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Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Welcome to Ave Maria Hearing, Inc

Hi, I am Sylvia and I would like to invite you to my practice, Ave Maria Hearing, Inc. I have been fitting hearing aids for over 40 years. I have the experience and passion to help you or someone you love hear and understand better. I have solutions for Tinnitus and can help you "HEAR EASIER" to reduce cognitive overload.


My Services Include:

• Audiometric Evaluations

• Tympanometry

• O.A.E.

• Digital Hearing Aids

• Tinnitus Solutions

• All Hearing Aid Repairs

• Custom Ear Molds

• Hearing Aid Batteries

• BlueTooth Accessories

Please call to schedule an appointment to begin your journey to easier hearing today!

In Home Service Available. Call for more information. 239-455-4655

A full service Hearing Health Care Provider with over 40 years experience in the hearing field. Sylvia and Craig Horgan have been Naples residents since 2003. In June of 2015 they moved to Ave Maria and have now opened a hearing aid center here. Sylvia is the owner of Hearing In Paradise in Naples, Beautiful Hearing in Naples and Bayside Hearing in Ft Myers and has been fitting hearing aids for over 39 years.

The office is open by appointment. Please call for more information. 239-455-4655

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